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Wonderland by AgarthanGuide Wonderland by AgarthanGuide
I made this for my 9-year-old penpal (who is also my partner's niece). She is a nice kid, and I am having fun sending her stuff in the snail mail. Remember how much fun it was to get stuff in the mail before it was primarily junk mail and bills?

Anyway, that's her, as Alice in Wonderland. The top is the exterior of the card, and the bottom is the inside. It folds in on the two sides, making the J in the center of the back. Get it?

It was kinda fun doing big color on a traditional piece again- I never did a lot of that, and it basically vanished from my repertoire when I went digital.
AzulishBoom Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012
Aww this is cute :) I like how you pulled aspects from many areas of the book/movie to incorporate into the picture :) The roses especially for whatever reason seem very beautiful to me. I think its how angular yet soft they appear to me. My only comment is the face on Alice seems off. Like the facial features are too big for the face. Might just be my eyes playing tricks on me as my sense of anatomy is by no means that great. Just thought it was something I would point out. Over all, I really like the whimsical attitude of the piece :D
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April 27, 2012
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